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NEW BREED focuses on leveraging carrier provider strengths to meet the customer's individual needs . New Breed’s many voice and data carriers allows for local, long distance and data diversity onto the customers location.

We build our customers’ networks by customizing solutions to meet their business and budget requirements. We develop the best available network redundancy based on customer's specifications. 
By building a diversified carrier network into your premises, we can assure that your service will have the highest level of survivability available today.

NEW BREED has expanded our services and increased our agent base through partnerships with Web Design and Internet Marketing companies. These new relationships have proven to be, not only profitable, but extremely enlightening as to how marketing in 2009 has shifted to a new paradigm.

Voice Data Web

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New Breed Telecom now has the ability to manage all of your wireless needs by offering VERIZON WIRELESS to our business customers.

Why businesses are choosing  independent agents instead of direct reps to acquire telecom services

Mergers and Acquisitions

Sales is a high turnover profession. Mergers and acquisitions make it highly unlikely that your original direct sales rep will still be there to assist you within a year. By using an Independent Telecom Agent, you can be sure that, regardless of continued merger activity or bankruptcies, your Agent will not be laid off or fired and will continue to have the same contact phone number and email address. They will continue to supply all of the options you need.

Single Point of Contact Single Point of Contact

Whether your Independent Telecom Agent recommends a single T3 internet carrier solution or a multi-carrier solution, you still have a single point of contact to deal with who knows your account best. The number of appointments with different carriers you have to schedule could easily reach up to a dozen before an educated decision is made for your telecom solutions. A qualified Independent Telecom Agent can evaluate your company’s needs in a single meeting.

Person who understands your company
Your Independent Telecom Agent acts as an assistant buyer once he/she understands your business needs and preferences.

You get to hear the truth!

When you use an experienced Independent Telecom Agent, you tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience of someone who has been in the field for many years, working with multiple carriers. Your agent can tell you how the carriers really perform – who has the most reliable network – which has billing problems – who is going bankrupt and who can make the desired install date? Why would you want to repeat that process every couple of years?

Unbiased opinion of multiple carriers and their product lines
Since most carriers have gone to term agreements, it’s key to get set up with a carrier that can move with your needs. Do they have MPLS? Do they do SIP trunking? Can they offer an Can they offer an IP-VPN solution for your remote sites? Your Independent Telecom Agent knows the carriers’ products and limitations, and can put you in the right solution.

Agents are invested in your success long term.
Independent Telecom Agents are commission only, and residual based, earning a small percentage of the monthly bill. There is no motivation for a direct representative to speak to you again after you sign. You are directed to deal with the carriers call center. However Independent Telecom Agent’s goal is to build a book of business of satisfied customers with minimal issues. They have EVERY motivation to assist you in solving any service issues that you may ever have. A good Independent Telecom Agent becomes part of your team, allowing you to take care of your business.

No quota Factor.
It is very common for Independent Telecom Agents to uncover up to 10-20% of pure fluff on your bill during the auditing process. Direct representatives have a quota to make and will often sell you what is good for them, not what is good for you. Top Independent Telecom Agents, almost without exception; do not carry quotas and tend to be “solutions oriented” rather than to be motivated only by quotas.

Extra Incentives and Promotions.

Independent Telecom Agents are typically more knowledgeable, better trained, and set proper expectations with the clients. Agent channels often have promotions or incentives for the customer that the direct agent hasn’t been given. If the direct representatives have promotions available, they are often compensated extra if they do not use them. Their clients tend to remain clients longer, and it is more cost effective for the carriers to deal with Agents.

Same Standard Pricing is used in the Agent Channel and the direct channel.
For large projects, special pricing is available to both Agent and direct channels at the same amounts. It’s an incredible model that helps customer and agent win, and insures all clients are treated equally.

Next Generation Technology

Independent Telecom Agents will typically be better versed in MPLS, IP-VPN, VOIP, hosted solutions, call center applications, and SIP technologies since they need to understand multiple carriers’ offerings and have attended their trainings. Direct representatives may not have the overall understanding of all that is coming with new technology.

We know that IT professionals need a truly independent tool for pricing telecommunications products. New Breed Networks created a site that utilizes the capabilities, tools, knowledge and skills of many authorized Telecom Carrier's independent agents.
We represent all major telecom carriers for voice data & co-location.
What to Expect
 Quote Request
  • Upon receipt of your quote request form, an email response will be sent to you acknowledging receipt. An agent will   either call or email if there are further questions.
  • Quotations for services, from carriers in your location, will be sent to you; usually within a day.               
 Contract and order process
  • We will prepare and process the carrier’s contract documents and follow the order through the installation process coordinating with carrier, vendor and customer until provisioning is completed.
  • We are your single point of contact for all issues or questions. Ongoing, your dedicated account representative will continue to service your account to resolve any  support or billing issues for the life of the contract.
  • Our goal is to provide you with timely and accurate pricing from all the carriers servicing your location.
  • When you are ready to place an order, our dedicated account representative will prepare all required contract documents and place your order directly with the carrier. You dedicated account representative will coordinate the installation process with the customer, carrier, and involved vendors.
The way we run our business is based on the highest levels of professionalism. We take great pride in being responsive, paying attention to details, and exceeding your expectations.





New Breed Energy

Our Process
Once you decide you would like us to handle your energy needs, we will require: signed Client Agreement.  Fax the signed agreement back to us @ 516 908 3643 or scan and email to:   We will start your Energy Procurement Process and you will be contacted by one of our energy consultants who will be your dedicated account manager ongoing.

We will:
    * Analyze the last 14 months of usage. Your staff probably doesn’t have the time or expertise to analyze this information.
    * Correct any incorrect charges and have them credited back to you. (Our fee is 50% of whatever we recover.  We execute a separate agreement for this service.)
    * Formalize a Procurement Strategy and prepare a formal Request for Quotation, including all pertinent information.
    * Send RFQ to the top Energy Companies in your market. (Approved Suppliers must meet our strict guidelines)
    * Analyze and evaluate the bids and present an Executive Summary.
    * Negotiate a contract, with the winning bidder with the best terms and conditions available in the marketplace on your behalf and present Client with Executable contract.
    * Ensure contract is properly executed and implemented by Supplier.

We manage your Energy on an ongoing basis! Once you become our client, we will contact you on quarterly to review your accounts. If it's necessary to renegotiate your rates, we'll take care of it for you.

Ongoing your dedicated account manager will be responsible for all issues... billing, address changes, location drops/adds etc.

Our Fee

Our fees are paid by the Supplier. We are paid the same fee by each supplier. Consequently, we are neutral in choosing a supplier.


New Breed Telecom Agent Program

If you are a Telecom professional taking control of your career by becoming an independent sales agent;  JOIN THE NEW BREED NETWORKS!

Become an independent agent with New Breed Telecom: an established telecommunications broker that provides free services to assist you in comparing prices for voice, data, high speed Internet, and web solutions in your area.
  • And now: the procurement and brokering of Natural gas and Electricity. New Breed networks gives you the ability to offer your clients every utility a business needs.
  • In addition, every web need, including hosting, design SEO email marketing etc. is offered through new Breed Hosting and partnerships with the most progressive companies in the business today. we provide a unique set of both entry level and Enterprise Web products to our portfolio including:
                 Web design
                 Email marketing
                 Pay per click management
                 Pay per Ranking SEO
                Hosting: shared, virtual and dedicated hosting, as well as collocation & managed  services.

At New Breed, we believe that providing our sub agents with superior service and support is the key to our success. Quote requests will be answered quickly, commissions tracked and always paid on time.

New Breed
will negotiate the best prices, prepare & process the carrier's contract docs and follow the order through the installation process.  We will coordinate with the carrier, vendor and customer until your customer's services are completely provisioned.  We are your single point of contact for all questions.

New Breed Telecom
connects with multiple carriers, and negotiates the lowest prices.  There is no fee for this service.  The pricing we negotiate is the lowest carrier pricing offered, not always available outside the agent channel.

Voice service
s include local dial, ISDN-PRI, domestic & international long distance, voice T1, integrated voice & data T1 and audio conferencing. Hosted VoIP

Data services
include ,T1, T3, DS1, DS3, OC-3 , OC-12, frame relay, ATM, VPN, private lines, Ethernet,
Ethernet over copper & MPLS

Energy Services
include: Brokering, Procurement, Energy Aggregation, Energy Studies Green Building Energy Efficiency Tax Deductions (Section 179D)